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Costa Pinheiro

Costa Pinheiro (1932 – ) was born in Mora, Portugal. He attended the School of Decorative Arts Antonio Arroio and the School of Fine Arts of Lisbon. His first individual exhibition was in 1956. He was given a scholarship by the Ministry of Culture, to work in Munich, and by the Gulbenkian Foundation, to work in Paris, and was also a co-founder of the KWY group. He dedicates himself to painting, engraving, and illustration. He is considered a neo-figurative painter, reaching occasionally an abstractionism, conventionalising the figures geometrically. It is also noticeable in his work the conceptualism. He received, amongst other awards, the Amadeu de Souza-Cardoso Prize. Among his work it is worth mentioning the series about the kings and his works on Fernando Pessoa, one of which is in the European Court of Justice, in Luxembourg, as a tapestry. He began collaborating with Portalegre’s tapestry in 1984.

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